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    KeMes protractor

    Measure angles
    easily and faster

    with the precision solution for efficient angular measurement




    Measure without losing time


    Measurement directly at the machine


    using innovative laser technology

    Oblique view of KEBA's digital protractor attached to the upper tool of the press brake. The display of the device shows the angle value that has just been determined

    Angle monitoring in running production processes

    Quality assurance that saves time

    … easy, fast and precise

    KeMes stands for a completely new type of angle measurement and is designed for both manual as well as fully automatic quality control on press brakes. The measurement device is fastened to the upper die by means of magnets, thereby enabling measurement directly at the machine without interrupting the production process. Thanks to the simple mounting, the angle measurement system from KEBA can be quickly transferred to any press brake. Complete quality control is possible with KeMes without any additional time – and with maximum accuracy and reproducibility.

    Simply faster with KeMes

    and not only on the machine

    Manual quality control

    In addition to use on the press brake, KeMes is also ideally suited as a hand-held measurement device and can be used both for quality control during the manufacture of sheet metal parts as well as for incoming goods inspections. Thanks to the patented laser measurement process, no damage occurs to the workpieces.

    ... very easily, even with long parts

    Even large and bulky sheet metal parts can be quickly and easily inspected with the innovative digital protractor from KEBA. A specially designed function enables continuous measurement along the entire workpiece.

    It can be used in both manual as well as in machine mode.

    KEBA's digital protractor, equipped with the measuring aid recommended for manual measurements, is currently used in manual mode for checking the angle of a long sheet metal part. The display of the device shows the angle value that has just been determined.
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