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    Product variants KeMes A200 and A205


    in the existing

    machine system

    Bluetooth® interface

    Communication with the machine control system

    Automatic processing

    of angle values in the bending process

    Innovative technology

    laser-based measurement of the interior angle


    Innovative and cost effective

    Innovative measurement principle

    Thanks to the patented measuring principle, the compact KeMes angle measurement instrument allows rapid and precise measurement of the internal angle of bent sheet metal parts.

    Flexible use

    The wireless transmission of the measured values via Bluetooth® interface enables flexible use at various bending stations or use as a manual measuring device.

    Easy-to-use and attractively priced

    Compared to other automatic angle measurement systems, KeMes is characterized by simple installation and attractive pricing.

    Simultaneous use of multiple devices

    The simultaneous use of up to 3 KeMes devices is also possible. This also makes quality assurance with long workpieces possible, without increasing the cycle time.

    Easy integration into the machine system

    Data transfer via Bluetooth® interface

    Thanks to the Bluetooth® interface, the KeMes angle measuring instrument can be easily integrated into the press brake control of both the A200 variant (suitable for machine and manual measurement) and in the A205 variant (exclusively for manual measurement). These 'inline' variants enable automatic processing of the angle values for both automatic and manual use of the device.

    Integration in Delem control systems

    Delem customers benefit from the already complete integration of KeMes A205 in the DA-60Touch software.

    Integration in customer-specific control systems

    Machine manufacturers with their own control solutions can individually integrate the angle sensor using the function library provided for Windows and Linux. This makes it possible to implement use cases like angle verification, data recording and asynchronous angle checking.

    Install – Turn on – Measure

    Plug & Run

    Integration of the KeMes A205 manual measurement device

    The KeMes Connection Tool supports simplified pairing and is available for transferring angle measurement values to Windows 10-based control computers. This tool is also suitable for desktop applications such as Excel. The connection between measuring instrument and control is established via a Bluetooth smart USB dongle, which is included in the KeMes Connection Kit.

    Employee of a production company measures the angle of a large sheet metal part. The angle measuring device is held upwards and shows the measured angle on the display.

    KeMes variants for machine manufacturers

    Manual measurementMachine measurementBluetooth® interface
    KeMes A200
    KeMes A205  
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