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Cost efficiency

How to increase cost-efficiency in your branches with KEBA self-service terminals


High availability

Availability has an enormous influence on customer acceptance and subsequently, on the economic efficiency of your branches.

A system's availability of 95% which seems high at the first glance, results in eight hours a week when the device is actually not available.

With a system availability of 98%, non-availability drops dramatically to just three hours.

In other words, a 3% increase in availability improves the failure rate by over 60% - a crucial factor in customer satisfaction.


Stephan Danner
Head of Product Management

Our bank terminals offer outstanding stability and the highest availability. We can proudly state that with a system availability of more than 98%, they are amongst self-service devices with the highest availability values on the market.

Improved user experience

User experience is becoming the central focus with regard to self-service systems because the usage experience of bank customers and device service staff have a crucial influence on the economic efficiency of the branch.

Higher self-service usage rates and a higher self-service quota are achieved with a better user experience. Device service staff can resolve issues independently.

In addition, a device that is simple and intuitive to operate offers the possibility to differentiate and build customer loyalty.

The products of the new evo series are based on the "Design4all" approach, with which self-service is visually appealing and easy to use for all user groups.

Maximum investment protection

KEBA self-service devices are multi-functional and can be easily expanded for later adaptations. Therefore, refitting on site at a later date is possible without a large amount of effort. You do not have to decide at the time of purchase, but you can also add functions at a later date during the product life cycle. This provides you with investment protection and certainty that your decision will last for a long time.


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