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    • Feel the innovation with KePlast, the optimized solution for plastics machines

      Visit KEBA at CHINAPLAS 2019

    Our passion - Your success

    In line with its credo, Automation by innovation, KEBA has been developing cutting-edge solutions accustomed and optimized to the needs of the plastics industry – because our passion is your success.

    Simplicity, modern operation, and strong performance are particularly important in controlling injection molding machines. With KEBA, you can rely on innovative automation solutions with the highest service quality. Over 30 years of experience in the plastics and die-casting industries enable the comprehensive understanding of these markets, its trends, processes, technologies,and customer-specific requirements.

    Visit us at ChinaPlas on May 21-24, 2019 in Guangzhou, China and feel the innovation with KePlast and the latest multitouch technology – perfectly designed for the full range of plastics machines!

    We are looking forward to your visit at our Booth Hall 4.1 A51!

    ChinaPlas Profile

    Feel the innovation with KePlast i3000

    Premium technology meets customer needs

    The new control generation KePlast i3000 stands out with the latest multitouch technology and a powerful controller with a future-proof software platform which enables several communication protocol & interface standards, such as OPC UA and EUROMAP 77, 79, 82, etc.

    This ready-to-use turnkey solution consists of an initial consultation on system design and installation up to series production support. The Linux-based platform enables the state of- the-art gesture operation and maximum individuality for customer-specific requirements & upcoming technologies.

    With its high-performance control system and innovative, fast multitouch operating panel, KePlast i3000 is the perfect solution for hydraulic, hybrid, all-electric, and multi-component injection molding machines.


    KePlast i3000 highlights

    • Multitouch HMI panels with established key operation
    • Modern design combined with gesture control
    • Linux-based and future-proof platform
    • Compact controller with integrated I/Os
    • High-speed EtherCAT fieldbus
    • New & innovative closed-loop concepts
    • Scalable product system range
    • Smart product portfolio for Industry 4.0 readiness
    • Open application framework

    Powerful Linux-based platform

    The KePlast i-series is optimized for injection molding machines and is based on a fully scalable, high-end, and innovative hardware and software platform.

    Extensive technology libraries

    Part of the powerful software framework is the extensive range of technology functions for controlling the injection molding process and for implementing all of these specific functions. As a result of years of experience, a wide variety of technology modules is available including valve or mold position control such as servo valve control or control of the mold position is available.

    Software tools for injection molding machines

    Programming takes place in a uniform, modularly structured development environment. The operating concept and the scope of services are adapted to the performance and the machine’s target market. In this way, the customer receives an optimally dimensioned control system for each machine type.

    KePlast i1100 with a top-performance controller

    Top performance for hydraulic
    injection molding machines

    KePlast i1100 combines an outstanding and user-friendly operation with established keyboards and a top-performance control for highest productivity – perfectly designed for hydraulic standard injection molding machines.

    With its powerful controller CP 035, KePlast i1100 is optimized for both vertical and horizontal machines in combination with servo pumps or other peripheral devices that can be connected via high-speed EtherCAT. The operation panels cover a wide range of 7” to 12” brilliant TFT displays and follows a clear and easy-to-use menu structure.

    Fast cut-off reaction for best process quality
    Due to a sophisticated solution on the hardware level, a fast cut-off reaction of 62.5μs and a minimized jitter is guaranteed for an absolutely stable process. Various digital and analog inputs and outputs can be freely configured according to specific machine requirements. The implemented cut-off detection on the CP 035 controller – in combination with an immediate output reaction – is the optimized solution for perfectly molded parts.

    KePlast i-series with the latest hardware


    Powerful control

    Scalable: Modular & compact

    • CP 5xx line: modular control with decentral I/Os
    • CP 05x line: compact control incl. I/Os
    • Linux-based & future-safe architecture
    • 500µsec cycle time
    • For all machine types

    HMI - Visualization

    Modern & user-friendly operation

    • 7”-15” single touch panel
    • 15”-21” PCT multitouch panel
    • Keyboard & switches on demand
    • Customizable HMI hard- & software

    High-end I/Os

    Wide range of I/Os technologies

    • Digital & analog Input/Output
    • Incremental counter Inputs
    • High-speed EtherCAT fieldbus

    Peripheral devices

    Powerful peripheral devices

    • SpeedPump Hydraulic Servo Pump
    • HotRunner Control Modules

    Connecting globally with the smart assistance programs of KePlast

    I4.0 with KePlast Smart Industry

    With innovation cycles becoming frequently shorter, the market demands a broad portfolio of new technologies that need to be integrated quickly and easily. At the same time, these systems must be scalable and highly flexible.

    Future-safe solutions with smart technologies
    The KePlast i-series provides the latest Industry 4.0 technologies which enable worldwide connectivity with cloud-based data management and smart IT integration. Both the hardware and software are optimized for injection molding machines. They offer numerous communication standards such as Ethernet with OPC UA, fast and secure data storage for predictive analytics and maintenance as well as further customer-specific adaptations.

    Openness in a new dimension
    The KePlast technologies are based on a Linux platform with a strong community. Due to this open and secure platform, the i-series’ controllers can be updated and the latest technologies can be integrated anytime, making the control solutions future-proof.


    KePlast Smart Industy – I4.0 portfolio for smart IMM
    Through the partnership with KEBA, the IMM manufacturer benefits by having an expert at its side who plays a pioneering role in various areas, including the integration of Linux-based technologies and other cloudbased assistance services. ‘KePlast Smart Industry’ consists of the KePlast ServiceNet, which enables worldwide access to the machine and rapid problem solving by experts. The servers guarantee fastest communication. KePlast EasyNet monitors the machine productivity on stationary and mobile devices and is understood as Manufacturing Executing System (MES) for small and medium-sized companies.


    KePlast EasyNet


    Process monitoring for maximum productivity

    KePlast EasyNet is a simple, user-friendly program to economically connect injection molding machines and is ideally suited for central data acquisition and backup. With KePlast EasyNet, you have an overview of your production machines at all times and short reaction times ensure maximum productivity.

    Status of all injection molding machines at a glance

    With EasyNet, the production or shift manager can access all machines that are in the network. EasyNet provides, among other things, the production status, the quality data and the productivity data of each individual machine on the control station PC or on a smartphone.

    Integration of third-party machines

    In a production hall, one often finds machines from a variety of manufacturers. With the optional EasyNet AccessBox extension, machines that are not controlled with a KePlast control can be integrated in the EasyNet network.

    Current production status available at any time

    KePlast EasyNet Mobile is an extension of the Easy-Net control station software for making the data available for mobile end devices. Important characteristic values such as current cycle time, scrap rate and utilization rate are available on the mobile end device.

    You can rely on KEBA

    KePlast i-series - Your values

    Strong Partnership

    Best and fast support due to 30 years market experience and industry insights

    Quick time-to-market

    Customer support during the entire product lifecycle

    High-end quality

    European brand quality including latest hardware and software technologies

    Remote service

    This cloud-based support is applicable to any business case

    Secure connectivity

    Experience the pillars of Industry 4.0, including the industry standards including OPC UA.

    Available worldwide

    Global network of high-skilled application engineers

    Automation specialist KEBA acquires
    LTI Motion

    The internationally active automation specialist KEBA AG located in Linz, Austria, acquires LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege GmbH, technically leading suppliers of drive solutions and spindle technology based in Lahnau and Röllbach, Germany. A corresponding contract between KEBA AG and the seller, Körber AG, based in Hamburg, Germany, was signed on November 15, 2018. This acquisition strengthens KEBA's position in industrial automation.

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