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    Your robot, our control...
    a perfect team with SAFETY



    Automatica 2016 - June 21-24, Munich - Hall B5, Booth 508


    Open and safe robotics for any type of robot

    Visit KEBA at the Automatica 2016 and experience robot control with highest safety level as shown at our exhibition demo.

    Also have a look on the extensive modular KEBA system for fast and easy solving all automation tasks:
    * KeMotion - the turnkey automation system for robots and machines
    * KeSafe - the scalable safety solution for logic, motion and robotics
    * KeTop - intuitive, user-friendly operating with mobile and stationary devices
    * KeControl Flex Core - the open automation system for fast and easy integration of proprietary know-how

    We are happy to offer you a free ticket for your Automatica 2016 visit. The therefor necessary code for online registration you will receive from Ms. Lisa Katzenschläger, Tel .: +43 732 7090-22733 or

    We look forward to seeing you in Hall B5, Booth 508!

    KEBA at Automatica 2016

    KEBA at Automatica 2016

    Safe motion & robotics for any serial kinematics

    The freely programmable KeSafe safety controller makes machines and robots with serial kinematics safe. All safety-relevant standards and directives are taken into account; extensive certification work is eliminated.
    In addition, space-saving design of the robot cells is made possible. Moreover, the integration of the safety controller in the KeDrive for Motion system results in space-savings in the control cabinet.

    The scalable KeSafe is available in 3 stages: PLC (logic), Motion (single axes) and Robotics (multi-axes systems).

    KeSafe - Scalable safety technology

    KeSafe - Maximum safety for robots goes along with minimum space requirements

    Reducing automation efforts

    With the open control platform KeControl FlexCore robot and machine builders can easily and quickly automate their application-specific special know-how.

    Own program modules can be integrated down to the level of the control core and no longer need not be passed onto third parties. This guarantees the best possible know-how protection.

    If necessary KEBA experts offer competent support - from conceptual design through commissioning to operation.

    KeControl FlexCore frees up resources, as companies no longer have to worry about the automation itself. These freed resources can be used to push own developments and to strengthen important unique selling points.

    KeControl FlexCore The open automation platform

    KeControl FlexCore - Customized automation solutions thanks to an open control system