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    Ingenious multitouch operation

    KeTop T15x

    Handheld terminal


    User experience at the highest level

    The KeTop T150 (portrait version) and the KeTop T155 (landscape version) feature a capacitative touchscreen with real multitouch operability, which facilitates intuitive use, maximum ergonomics, and the best possible user experience. High-end device operation as we know it from everyday life is now also possible in tough industrial environments. With a display size of 10 inches and weighing less than 1,150 g, the KeTop T15x is a real lightweight. These specifications combined with the ergonomic housing enable fatigue-free operation for extended periods. The device can also more than accommodate specific design preferences and unique applications thanks to its many customization options (color, logo, operating elements, keyboard, etc.).

    The KeTop T15x features a modular design. Switching to newer processor technologies due to increasing application requirements is quick and easy. This ensures that your investment is fully protected. Depending on requirements, the KeTop T15x is available both with Linux as well as Windows IoT Enterprise. Optional features, such a energy storage and RFID, make many additional usage scenarios possible.


    High-end user experiences

    Optically bonded display for an even better user experience

    Our many years of experience with stationary high-end multitouch screens and mobile operating devices allowed us to design the KeTop T15x for the best possible user experience. Simultaneously, stringent EMC Directives are complied with and the challenges prevalent in tough industrial environments have also been taken into account. Response times and sensitivity do not have to lead to compromises in any situation. The Touch Booster Technology yields the best possible user experience. Even operating with gloves is possible.

    A new process for optical bonding in this segment eliminates optical refraction. This yields significantly increased brilliance and the highest possible brightness. Highly precise operation is ensured by doing away with parallax errors, and smaller buttons can be hit with a high degree of accuracy.

    Mitwachsende Performance - KeTop T70

    Reliable investment protection

    **Device performance grows with processor generations **

    User interfaces of a modern visualization device must be fast and fluid. To also meet future requirements, the KeTop T15x has a modular design. This allows an easy and fast transition to newer processor technologies. Drops in performance if the visualization applications are extended thereby become a thing of the past.


    Ergonomics - a step ahead

    Robust yet light

    The new design of the KeTop T15x enables very reduced edges, which made it possible to reduce the required housing volume even further. While the robustness remained the same, the device became very light. No matter how the device is held, all areas of the display are fully accessible, even for users with small hands.

    The ergonomically improved position of the enabling switch facilitates fatigue-free operation over prolonged periods for both left- and right-handed users, thus eliminating operator errors. This is further supported through an individually adjustable hand strap.

    Open for all applications

    Depending on the relevant requirements, the KeTop T15x can be used either with the Linux or Windows IoT Enterprise operating system. Out-of-the box remote or browser operation is also possible. Based on the operating systems, KEBA offers software solutions for configuring applications that are tailored specifically to the unique requirements. KeTop T15x can be used in combination with other KEBA HMI products or with existing stationary visualization solutions, depending on what is needed.

    semi-wireless Bedienen

    Multitalent of customization

    Customizing & device options

    KeTop T15x features the same customization possibilities that have proven valuable with other KEBA products. For example, the individual devices can be easily adapted to the corresponding application or design preferences. Just some examples of this are the individually printable keyboards, logos, and operating elements that can be freely selected from the module. And in addition to that, various device options offer a wide variety of potential uses.

    Cost-effective solutions are possible thanks to energy storage in conjunction with the illuminated emergency stop and the KEBA emergency stop bypass for disengaging the device from automatic operation. RFID can be used for individual authentication scenarios and security concepts.


    brilliant 10 inch display



    Protection of investment

    thanks to scalable performance

    Device options

    for a wide range of applications

    Technical data

    KeTop T15x
    Size10,1"" (16:10)
    ResolutionWXGA 800 x 1.280 pixel (portrait version) / 1.280 x 800 pixel (landscape version)
    Touchscreenprojective capacitive
    Operating elements (*iinternally or externally wired / two elements with * marked can be selected)
    Membrane keyboard max. 30 buttons 6 LEDS
    Selection switch*2 or 4 levels
    Rotary encoding switch*16 levels
    Key switch*2 or 3 positions
    Push button*no-detend /detent
    Characteristics KEBA standard
    Safety elements
    Enabling switch1 piece (optional safety electronics) 3 leves, 2 channels
    Emergency-stop-button2 channels, B10d=250.000
    Safety category with safety electronics: PLe acc. EN 13849-1 or SIL3 acc. EN 61508 can be achieved; without safety electronics: PLe acc. EN 13849-1 or SIL3 acc. EN 61508 can be achieved.
    Dimensions LxWxH215 x 284 x 69 mm / 272 X 227 X 69 mm
    Weight approx. 1.120 g
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