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    Video release

    Together to the peak of automation

    7.11.2017 Let us reach new heights together! Join us for a breathtaking journey to the peak of automation technology. In our latest image video – starring our open one-stop solution KeControl FlexCore – we present you the perfect equipment for your peak performance. Brace yourself for some spectacular images, a sense of unlimited freedom and magnificent views.

    KeControl FlexCore

    Impressive freedom of design and customization

    Our turnkey solution KeControl FlexCore stands out through its open hard- and software architecture. It provides you with maximum flexibility when it comes to designing your customized automation system. Customers can integrate their own specialized software – all the way down to the core of the control system. Based on the modular design it is completely up to you, which KEBA modules you want to use and which modules you want to develop yourself.


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