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    KePlast Software Framework

    High-performing technology for the plastics industry

    The software makes the difference

    Whether it be a single-board computer or a complex modular system, for hydraulic, hybrid or fully-electric injection molding or other plastics machines – all KePlast Systems are based on a fully scalable and innovative software platform. The KePlast Framework software is extremely portable. Programs that were originally created for an injection molding machine can run on other machines controlled by KePlast with different hardware without extensive adjustments needing to be made.

    Quick and easy creation of applications

    The comprehensive software and technology libraries for injection molding machines facilitate the quick and problem-free creation of various applications. In addition, this modern and state-of-the-art software package, with a Linux-based architecture, provides a stable and future-proof solution that is an absolute must-have for all future requirements of Industry 4.0.



    An advantage with future-proof technologies



    Open and modern software architecture

    Competitive advantage

    Competitive advantage

    Quick time-to-market thanks to the ready-made framework



    Customization for all customer requirements

    Image of an injection molding machine in a cycle of the associated software technologies based on the KePlast Software Framework

    KePlast Software Platform

    The advantages during the machine life-cycle

    In all phases of the automation cycle, our KePlast software provides the
    perfect support: From innovative software technologies and engineering and commissioning, through to the machine operation and production tools.

    Alongside the innovative software technology, the KePlast framework also includes smart engineering tools and wizards.

    Read more about the four software packages here:

    • Innovative software technologies
      The software framework is perfectly suited for all machine types including 2-platen and electric injection molding machines. It is also possible to use the latest communication technologies, such as EtherCAT and OPC UA, as well as modern control concepts with optimal support via FPGA hardware.

    • Smart engineering & fast commissioning
      The extensive tool suite guarantees a fast and guided creation of machine applications. Supporting wizards, such as KePlast AppCo for example, facilitate a fast commissioning of the machine and therefore a shorter time-to-market.

    • Efficient operation
      The focus is on the user when it comes to developing the KEBA visualizations. Top usability, modern gesture control and high-quality design form the basis of all KePlast user interfaces and guarantee shorter operating sequences and a distinctive face to your machine.

    • Production tools & wizards
      Tools to simplify the production processes and intelligent assistants support the machine operator in the optimization of their manufacturing. Planning tools such as the KePlast EasyNet MES or KePlast ServiceNet provide remote access so that the systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world and users can quickly be given the support that they need.

    Innovative software technology

    OPC UA information models

    Intelligent software concepts form the basis for realizing any OPC UA-supported, generic information models. This means that standards such as EUROMAP interfaces are provided ready-made, but also that the realization of individual data structures and customer-specific data models is possible too.

    KePlast Application Framework

    The KePlast Application Framework provides comprehensive software and technology libraries for injection molding machines which facilitate a quick and problem-free creation of applications. The highly-modern and powerful software package with a Linux-based architecture provides a stable and future-proof solution which is even suitable for all future requirements of Industry 4.0.

    Temperature and hot runner control

    A high-quality temperature and hot runner control is an important component of complex injection molding machines. As well as a special hot runner technology module, the software also contains the necessary control components and the perfect integration into the KePlast visualization.

    Hardware-based control concepts

    The optimized interaction between KEBA hardware and the KePlast control components is key for perfect results. Intelligent FPGA hardware solutions facilitate a quick changeover point reaction with a reaction time of up to 62.5 µsec.

    Quick engineering

    We can commission your machine in just three days!
    The unique KePlast design, with its finished software framework and intelligent tool support, helps to ensure extremely efficient engineering workflows. Our modular, open and powerful KePlast software can either be used as a turnkey solution or as an ideal starting point for customer-specific further developments and for the realization of their specific SPS and HMI requirements. This way, plastics machine manufacturers can ensure a quick time-to-market and therefore gain an advantage over their competitors.

    KePlast AppCo & product line management

    Image of a software for the configuration of injection molding machines

    Create applications with just a few clicks of the mouse

    The user-friendly KePlast AppCo software tool supports machine manufacturers in the creation of control applications as it guides users without programming skills through the entire configuration process, right through to the production of the finished control program.

    For customers with large production facilities, KePlast AppCo can also be an ideal tool to help create an individual product line management. In combination with the Linux-based control platform and innovative software concepts from Industry 4.0, highly-optimized workflows for setting up series machines can be created.

    Your benefits:

    • Fast commissioning thanks to the guided configuration
    • Customer-specific adjustments can be made to the tool
    • Automated workflows for machine manufacturers with large production facilities

    KeStudio Tool Suite

    Screenshot of a software for the creation of applications for injection moulding machines

    With the KeStudio Engineering Software, you can access an extensive range of tools that can be used to create application software. The programming of the control logics is done in IEC 61131 and for the visualization you can use KeStudio ViewEdit, a comfortable design and programming tool.

    A particular strength of the KeStudio Engineering Software is that the ready-made implemented machine software can be used to create an installation set-up that can then be passed on to customers. This significantly reduces the amount of training that the end user is required to complete, without the source code of the application software being passed on

    Your benefits:

    • Extensive range of tools for development and diagnostics
    • Environment for creating an installation assistant for the end customer
    • Simulation environment for Windows

    KeStudio ViewEdit project planning environment

    KeStudio ViewEdit is a powerful tool that can be used to plan visualization screens. HMI pages can be easily created in a graphics editor via Drag&Drop, even by people that have no prior knowledge of programming. Complex functions or graphic objects can be programmed into the same familiar development environment by specialists in modern high-level programming language.

    Simulation & Digital Twin

    Screenshot of a software simulation, Digital Twin

    Each KePlast application – from eco-systems to high-end machines – can be operated as a digital reflection of a real machine from a Windows PC in simulation mode.

    This simulation operation massively facilitates the work with the KePlast system as an optimal training tool for customers, to reset project settings or to prepare new mold validations incl. the programming of machines sequences – and all this without having to configure a real machine in the manufacturing plant.

    Your benefits:

    • Preparation of new software developments in a protected simulation environment
    • Valuable support in distribution or with customer trainings
    • Environment for creating an installation assistant for your machine software for end customers

    Automatic machine calibration

    Screenshot KePlast Engineering Software

    KePlast Visualization contains an intelligent wizard to support the quick and error-free calibration of the movements of new machine series during the commissioning.

    Calibration sequences are executed automatically and the suitable machine settings are selected. This way, the fast commissioning, which can then be reproduced at any time, is supported as best possible.

    Your benefits:

    • Automated and quicker sequences
    • You can avoid setting the incorrect settings manually
    • Calibration can be reproduced

    Efficient machine operation

    KeView Style is the modern visualization framework that can be used to create all multi-touch interfaces. This framework stands out from the crowd as it uses the latest technology and offers a range of special features, such as a modern gesture framework, guided wizards for the user, simple navigation and top usability of operating elements.

    Screenshot of KePlast Multitouch Home Screen & Process Screen for injection moulding machines

    Navigate into the future

    The user is the focus

    The multi-touch screen panels on the KePlast series are setting new standards when it comes to usability. A smooth workflow with intuitive multi-touch gestures facilitates an extremely quick setting of process values and reduces the time needed for the mold validation of new forms and the operating sequences in day-to-day production.

    State-of-the-art technology with KeView Style! The modern and Java-based HMI framework is based on the latest software technology and offers multimedia functions, HTML 5 online help, a PDF viewer, videos, and much more. The clear and modern design is incredibly user-friendly and the openness of the software makes it easy to create individual operating concepts that are tailored to your machine.

    Intelligent tools & wizards for the end customer

    In order to maintain an optimal productivity and utilization of all plastics machines, the focus is primarily on the end user. Tools to simplify the sequences for machine operators and intelligent assistants, such as KePlast ServiceNet for quick remote support or KePlast EasyNet MES as a convenient tool to monitor the entire production process, support the user.

    KePlast EasyNet MES

    Process monitoring for maximum productivity

    As part of the KePlast Smart Factory – KEBA’s Industry 4.0 portfolio – KePlast EasyNet MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a user-friendly program that makes the reliable networking of injection molding machines easy at an affordable price. It is ideal for the central data collection and securing. With EasyNet, you can keep an eye on your production machines at all times and ensure that your production plant is working at its best thanks to quick reaction times.

    For medium-sized plastic processing companies, KePlast EasyNet MES offers a variety of easy-to-operate monitoring and planning functions, such as a productivity overview and evaluation of the process quality of individual machines. With the KePlast Heatup Management function, you can significantly reduce your energy costs in order to achieve a best-possible machine availability. In a clearly structured overview of the production hall, the shift leader can maintain an overview of the entire production line and efficiently react to any deviations in production or be immediately informed of any machine alarms.

    Your benefits:

    • Productivity overview & intelligent management of the heating process
    • Management of part data
    • Intelligent production planning & interfaces for external ERP systems
    • Analysis of machine standstills
    • Quality evaluation and reports

    Deep vertical integration of production tasks

    Ensure your best production capacity and increase the level of information that you have with the complete and homogeneous integration of production tasks – from the ERP system directly to the machine operator. With EasyNet, production tasks are sent to the HMI screens in real time and the collected information about the production status is immediately sent back.

    KePlast ServiceNet

    The machine user operates an injection molding machine with a multitouch

    Global remote maintenance – on your machine in seconds!

    KePlast ServiceNet is a user-friendly plug and play solution for comprehensive remote support and the efficient remote monitoring of plastics machines. Quick access to machine data from anywhere in the world for the servicing and detailed remote diagnostics is just as simple and uncomplicated as the convenient support of the operating personnel’s application and process requests.

    Thanks to the secure connection to all machines in the field, service and process support can be provided regardless of the machines location – whether it be in the service center of the machine manufacturer, with the local resellers in the respective markets or on-site during a service session.

    Your benefits:

    • Secure connection between machines and service centers
    • Global availability thanks to the IT server structure
    • Quick provision of support in the event of a malfunction

    KePlast Edge Solution

    Control as edge device with meshing lines

    The conception of a digitalized industry often only takes new generations of machines into consideration and ignores existing ones. Therefore it is essential that these existing machines are taken into account both on horizontal and vertical networking levels by using standards such as OPC UA, TSN, MQTT, etc. These bridges in the cloud can be built with our open hardware and modular Linux software platform. A real-time data collection of up to 500μsec facilitates both the implementation of machine learning concepts and the management of large amounts of data, which is what makes our control platform future-proof.

    The benefits for you:

    • Open Linux architecture
    • Integration of all services and communication logs
    • Scalable hardware platform

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