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    Energy efficiency, reliability, availability and performance are essential factors for the cost-effective operation of systems in process engineering. Constantly increasing requirements make it more and more necessary to use new technologies while ensuring fault-free operation at the same time. For almost 50 years, KEBA has been offering application-specific drive solutions for turbo machines such as turbo blowers, radial compressors, and turbomolecular pumps; today, most of these systems included contactless and therefore maintenance-free magnetic bearings.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Lowest life-cycle costs thanks to the latest technologies
    • Fast time-to-market through a focus on core competencies
    • Clear responsibilities - everything from a single source
    • Quick and targeted support through partnership and cooperation
    Your product surrounded by turbo solutions such as motor shafts, motor stators, sensors, drive electronics, active magnetic bearings, and additional components.

    Your one-stop turbo solution

    Complex technological systems frequently entail a multitude of problems for the user: Multiple points of contact, incompatible components, differences in operation, multiple diagnostic tools, unclear responsibilities, lack of expertise on the part of the supplier.
    KEBA is proof that things can be different. One experienced point of contact for all issues: Fast time-to-market, custom B2B solutions, and an unparalleled technology portfolio with synchronous motor technology, magnetic bearings, high-speed drive controllers as well as filters and chokes.
    You focus on your competencies - we take care of the rest.

    Technology leader as your partner

    Their innovative solutions and their long-standing, close partnerships with KEBA have put our customers and their highly efficient, oil-free turbo systems permanently among the leading players in their industries. We understand the needs of turbo blower and radial compressor engineering, and our broad portfolio offers solutions with the perfect fit from grid to shaft end. Our industry experts provide quick, competent support, ensuring fast project planning and realization.

    Efficient aeration applications

    Turbo blower aeration in gray against a white background

    For more than 10 years, magnetic bearing drive systems made by KEBA have been playing a significant part in reducing the energy demand of many diverse applications around the globe. More than 500 turbo blowers used for wastewater aeration, yeast fermentation and air knife applications are renowned in the market for being reliable, permanently available solutions that are completely maintenance-free and oil-free.
    KEBA is now offering the new LeviTurb system, the 2nd generation of this system solution, consisting of a motor, magnetic bearing, drive controller, and accessories. Without the sinusoidal filter and with even greater efficiency and power density, your centrifugal blowers become even more compact and cost-efficient in operation.

    Reliable high-vacuum with turbomolecular pumps

    Sectional view of turbomolecular pump | blue

    Technological progress in many areas (semiconductor production, coating, medicine, research, etc.) would be unthinkable without processes in an ultraclean vacuum. KEBA has almost 50 years of experience in the development and production of drive solutions for turbomolecular pumps that meet the most stringent requirements. Whether drive controllers for speeds up to 100,000 1/min, or drive platforms entirely based on magnetic bearings – our long-standing customers put their trust in the reliability and high availability of these systems.

    Radial compressors for air and critical gases

    White turbine for compressor against gray background | Illustration

    Radial compressors - top performance through innovative technology

    KEBA offers its customers magnetic bearing drive systems for refrigeration compressors, air compressors, and compressors in heat pumps. The maintenance-free magnetic bearings allow the systems to achieve top availabilities for 24/7 operation while keeping operating costs extremely low through the use of highly efficient synchronous motors. This bearing technology enables your processes to run 100% oil-free; additionally, active unbalance compensation ensures low-noise and low-vibration operation.

    Energy generation

    White gas turbine against gray background | Illustration

    Gas turbines - generating energy with magnetic bearing turbo generators

    In these times of scarce resources and renewable energies, decentralized solutions for energy generation and energy storage by means of turbo generators are needed in various areas, such as gas expansion, ORC, or micro gas turbines. KEBA’s solutions offer total efficiency values up to > 90 % by means of efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), top availability thanks to maintenance-free magnetic bearings (24/7 operation), and protection from media through an enclosed motor solution. Because KEBA supplies all relevant system components, you can take advantage of clearly assigned responsibilities and quick project planning.


    KEBA maintains partnerships with leading universities and institutes in the field of high-speed drive engineering and magnetic bearing technology. This proximity to the world of research enables KEBA to translate new innovative technologies into mature products for the high-tech industry. Today, this means that we can help you make the most out of your machine.

    Logo of Leibniz-Institut für Werkstofforientierte Technologien, Bremen
    Logo of Center of Mechatronics Gmbh, Linz
    Logo of Technische Universität, Dresden
    Logo of Technische Universität, Darmstadt
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    Magnetic bearing

    Reliability and efficiency - contactless KEBA magnetic bearings offer non-wearing, maintenance-free and oil-free operation of your applications.

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    For synchronous motors and generators: Optimized for application with high speeds or challenging installation conditions

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    System controllers

    Whether standard controllers, control and drive systems with safety control, or optimized controllers with onboard I/Os - we have your solution.

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