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    Image synchronous servo motors

    Synchronous servo motors

    Motor expertise for machine manufacturing

    The perfect servo motor for your machine

    KEBA servo motors are three-phase AC current motors for high-end servo applications, available in all rotation speeds and voltage varieties. The servo motor is particularly well suited for applications that put high demands on dynamics and stability. Use your machine to its full potential

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Top flexibility with options
    • Highly dynamic and stable
    • Cost optimization for your machine





    overload capacity



    torque ripple




    Motor expertise for machine manufacturing

    Check out the wide range of the KEBA - synchronous servo motor series, and you will find exactly the right motor for your machine.

    Product illustration of the LSN-servo motors series

    LSN servo motor

    Compact and cost-efficient synchronous servo motor

    The LSN-synchronous servo motor series is the strategic next step that ensures top flexibility and a compact motor design with a high performance density to meet the highest demands on dynamics, flexibility and stability.

    • Stall torque of 0.28 to 75 Nm
    • 6 flange sizes (50, 74, 97, 127, 158, 190)
    • High number of available options
    • Compact design - top performance density
    • Single-wire solution for performance and encoder signal
    • Rotation speeds of up to 6000 1/min
    Product illustration of the LST-servo motors series

    LST servo motor

    Flexible synchronous servo motor

    The LST-servo motor series offers some of our flexible design motors for further customization for a vast range of applications. It is based on a compact motor design with a high performance density.

    • Stall torque of 0.1 to 115 Nm
    • 8 flange sizes (37, 50, 74, 97, 127, 158, 190, 220)
    • Particularly well suited for high rotation speeds, high dynamic and with a high overload capacity
    • Their flexible mechanical design makes them highly flexible for specialty solutions
    • Available as kit motor (built-in motor)
    • Available in low-voltage version (24/48 VDC)
    • Single-cable solution for performance and encoder signal
    Product illustration of the KeDrive DMS2 servo motor

    KeDrive DMS2 servo motor

    Compact and powerful synchronous servo motor

    The KEBA servo motors of the DMS2-series meet the highest standards for accuracy and smooth operation; their prime features are a broad performance spectrum and a high rotation speed range.
    Depending on the application, the range of options makes it possible to customize the motors for the specific requirements of each individual application.

    • Stall torque of 0.24 to 120 Nm
    • 8 flange sizes (40, 58, 70, 91, 100, 142, 190, 240)
    • Low inertia moment makes the motor highly dynamic and efficient
    • A range of customization options and varieties
    • Single-cable solution for performance and encoder signal
    • Compatible with KeDrive D3-DA, ServoOne CM
    Product illustration of the LSP-servo motors series

    LSP servo motor

    The high-volume synchronous servo motor

    The lean, cost-optimized LSP-servo motor series is based on a traditional coil distribution design and offers the following features:

    • Stall torque of 0.18 to 110 Nm
    • 7 flange sizes (40, 60, 80, 100, 130, 150, 190)
    • Lean kit-structure offers cost advantages (options)
    • Highly dynamic, with high overload capacity
    • Available with fitted planetary gear
    • Single-cable solution for performance and encoder signal
    Product illustration of the DS2 servo motor

    DS2 servo motor

    Powerful synchronous servo motor

    The DS2-synchronous motor series offers a high performance density and was optimized for inverter tasks. The DS2 synchronous motor completes the upper performance range of the tried and tested LSN-, LSP-, LST- and DMS2-series.

    • Stall torque of 69 to 1,344 Nm
    • 4 axle heights (100, 132, 160, 200)
    • Water-cooled and force-ventilated cooling concept
    • Guide-shoe and other options available

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