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    Group image of KeControl C1 controller optimized for injection molding machines

    KeControl C1

    Industry-optimized controller with built-in I/O elements

    Cost-optimized compact solution

    The assemblies of the CP 03x and CP 05x series are central control assemblies that have been optimized for the end-to-end automation of hydraulic, hybrid or electric injection molding machines in all performance segments.

    This hardware platform comes with different processor classes, offering optimum performance scalability for automation functions such as closed-loop and open-loop control and visualization in a single device.



    end-to-end solution with a compact design for optimal performance



    functions such as control & visualization on a single computer



    value-for-money thanks to centralized I/Os



    housing and excellent ease of servicing

    Visualization of hardware-supported control concepts

    Hardware-based closed-loop control concepts

    The optimized interaction between the KEBA hardware and the KePlast control modules is key for perfect results. Sampling times up to 500µsec and innovative control concepts with direct hardware support guarantee best process quality results and set new standards in controlling complex injection molding processes. Three innovative features guarantee optimal process quality: Fast Cut-Off Reaction, Fast Reaction Control and Fast Closed-Loop Control.

    Find out more about these three features for best process quality:

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    • Fast Cut-Off Reaction: The intelligent FPGA hardware solution support a Fast Cut-Off Reaction with response times up to 62.5µsec.
    • Fast Reaction Control: KEBA’s unique Fast Reaction Control feature can drastically reduce the dead times in control loops and significantly increase the control precision.
    • Fast Closed-Loop Control: The FPGA technologies used in the CP05x controllers form the basis for the implementation of highly efficient control concepts directly in the controller hardware. This means fewer demands on the software, and the necessary modules are implemented in the hardware with top efficiency.
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    Innovative features

    Onboard I/Os

    The large number of digital and analog input and output signals, the direct actuation of proportional valves and the connection of temperature sensors make it possible to fully automate the injection molding machine using just one assembly.


    The controllers of the CP 03x and CP 05x series include CAN or high-speed EtherCAT interfaces that offer the option of connecting additional technology modules of the KeConnect product series, or operating decentralized periphery devices remotely.

    Easy servicing

    All operating elements needed for commissioning and servicing are located at the front for greater ease of use. Service technicians can easily access the memory storage medium or replace batteries or fans without any need for additional tools.

    Used in the following systems


    The optimized automation solution for injection molding machines

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    The open end-to-end solution for hardware and software for any automation project

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    Technical specifications

    CP 033CP 035CP 053/054CP 056/ECP 056/057
    General data
    ProcessorPower PC 400MHzX86 1.46GHzx86 1x 1.91GHz / 2x 1.91GHzX86 2x 1.75GHz3x 1.91GHz / 4x 1.91GHz
    RAM256MB1GB1GB / 2GB1GB2GB / 4GB
    Removable mediaCompact FlashMicro SDCompact FlashMicro SDMicro SD
    Dimensions HxWxD [mm]137 x 415 x 50137 x 415 x 50137 x 415 x 50137 x 415 x 50137 x 415 x 50
    USB1x USB21x USB3, 1x USB22x USB21x USB3, 1x USB21x USB3, 1x USB2
    Digital inputs4848484848
    Digital outputs5656565656
    Analog inputs (single-ended)44444
    Analog inputs (differential)44444
    Analog voltage outputs66666
    Analog current outputs44444
    Temperature inputs1010101010
    Operating systemVxWorksLinuxLinuxLinuxLinux
    Cycle time2ms1ms1ms / 500µsec500µsec500µsec
    VisualizationKeView BasicKeView BasicKeView TrendKeView TrendKeView Style
    OPC UA / Euromap-YesYesYesYes
    Cut-Off Detection 250µsecYes-Yes--
    Fast Cut-Off Reaction 250µsec-Yes-YesYes
    Fast Cut-Off Reaction up to 62.5µsec-Optional-OptionalOptional
    Fast Reaction Control-Optional-OptionalOptional
    Fast Closed Loop Control----Optional

    Downloads & media

    Group picture of control systems of the KeControl C1 generation


    • Sampling times up to 500µsec and innovative control concepts guarantee best process quality results
    • Optimized large number of centralized, digital and analog I/Os enables the automation of the plastics machine using just one assembly
    • CAN or high-speed EtherCAT interfaces allow connecting additional technology modules or operating decentralized periphery devices

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