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    Overview of our IOs


    Our products at a glance

    Ideal ratio between function and size

    The KeConnect C5 I/O modules impress with an optimal ratio of functionality to volume.

    In order to respond perfectly to customer requirements, our I/O modules are available in two different sizes. This considerably reduces the space required in the switching cabinet and optimizes costs.

    The slim modules stand out due to their absolutely minimal space requirement. The somewhat wider modules score points with an increased range of functions and thus more flexibility, such as with up to 40 connection pins per module.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • different I/O sizes to choose from
    • Attached to C5 controller or remote via bus coupler
    • Connection to external control without effort
    • Tailored to your needs

    Our I/O-Modules

    Analog modules

    IOs analog

    Highest precision
    Analogue signals are transmitted to the controller or supplied to the peripherals with the highest accuracy and interference immunity. A microcontroller converts the measured values of the analog inputs and outputs with the calibration data and passes the standardized values on to the higher-level automation device.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Optionally, analog current and voltage signals can be processed
    • Analog voltage inputs can be operated potentiometrically or differentially
    • Measuring accuracy due to high resolution and noise immunity
    • Input and output ranges can be freely defined by the configurability
    • Fast diagnosis in case of cable or sensor defects due to early break detection for analog voltage inputs

    KeConnect C5

    • Analog voltage inputs: AI 570, AI 571
    • Analog current inputs: AI 575, AI 576
    • Analog voltage outputs: AO 570, AO 571
    • Analog current outputs: AO 576
    • Voltage mixer modules: THE 570, THE 571, THE 572
    • Current mixing modules: AM 575, AM 577

    Digital modules

    IOs digital

    Switch off quickly and safely

    The digital I/Os are optimized for fast detection of digital signals and switching of actuators. They can be operated directly on a controller or remotely via a bus coupler.

    The modules are available in various granularities for inputs and outputs. Mixed modules guarantee a price- and space-optimized utilization.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Usability of selected digital inputs as interrupt inputs or for period time measuremen
    • Digital outputs with a nominal load of 2 A for fastest switching cycles of inductive loads due to optimised switch-off behaviour
    • Galvanic isolation of the 2 A outputs which can be supplied individually

    KeConnect C5

    • Digital inputs: DI 570
    • Digital outputs: DO 550, DO 570
    • Mixed modules: DM 570, DM 556 (inverse logic)

    Mixed modules

    IOs mixed assemblies

    Cost and space saving

    Mixed modules are cost and space-saving modules that combine special I/O characteristics for different fields of application.

    Thus, optimized solutions for individual customer or industry requirements can be offered.

    KeConnect C5

    • Mixed modules: IM 581, IM 582

    Communication modules

    IOs Communication modules

    Various communication possibilities

    The KeConnect communication modules enable individual communication with a wide range of communication partners by means of stackable modules and plug-in cards. Simple cabling is ensured by standard connectors.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Support of various powerful bus protocols
    • Open for networking with other systems
    • Powerful parameters and diagnostic interface
    • Individual configuration options

    KeConnect C5

    • Serial interfaces: SM 510, SM 520, IM 500
    • CAN: FM 500, AT THE 500
    • EtherCAT Bus Coupler: BL 570, BL 575
    • EtherCAT switch: NM 570, NM 575

    Temperature measuring modules

    IOs temperature measuring modules

    Universal use of different temperature sensors

    The temperature measurement modules are characterized by the ability to process signals from a wide range of temperature sensors. Due to the high resolution and measuring accuracy, exact temperature measurements can be carried out.

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Supported thermocouple types J, K, L, N, additionally µV mode
    • Supported resistance temperature sensors PT 100, PT 1000, Ni 100, Ni 1000, KTY, NTC, additional resistance measurement
    • Galvanic isolation of each input
    • Depending on the requirements, 2-wire as well as 3-wire sensors can be installed
    • Fast diagnosis in case of cable or sensor defects through sensor break detection

    KeConnect C5

    • Temperature measurement modules: TI 550, TI 570, TI 571

    Positioning modules

    IOs positioning modules

    Exact positioning and speed measurement

    Positioning modules from KEBA acquire position signals or speed information from incremental and SSI encoders.

    Frequency measurement with incremental encoder module

    The frequency evaluation of the rising and falling edges of both tracks leads to a significantly better time resolution of the frequency value at low encoder frequencies compared to the control cycle time. Thanks to an adjustable gate time, the behaviour of the frequency measurement can be adapted to the respective application requirements in terms of reaction speed and resolution.

    Latch inputs for incremental encoder module

    The assignment of the latch inputs to the incremental encoders can be configured as required. Worldwide usability is made possible by the simple switchability of the input circuitry (sink/source).

    Integration of various SSI encoders

    The individual SSI interfaces can be adapted to the specifics of the encoders used via various configuration settings, such as bit rates, telegram lengths, bit masks and coding.

    KeConnect C5

    • Positioning module: MM 540, MI 550

    System modules

    IOs system modules

    System rounding off

    System modules serve to functionally round off KeConnect module systems.

    Additional power supply modules increase the supply power if the integrated power supply unit of a CPU or bus coupler module is not sufficient to supply a directly attached KeConnect C5 module package.

    KeConnect C5

    • Supply module: PI 570

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