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    The precision solution for efficient angular measurement

    Quality assurance that saves time

    Angle monitoring in running production processes

    KeMes stands for a completely new type of angle measurement and is designed for both manual as well as fully automatic quality control on press brakes. The measurement device is fastened to the upper die by means of magnets, thereby enabling measurement directly at the machine without interrupting the production process.

    … easy, fast and precise

    Thanks to the simple mounting, the angle measurement system from KEBA can be quickly transferred to any press brake. Complete quality control is possible with KeMes without any additional time – and with maximum accuracy and reproducibility.


    In addition to use on the press brake, KeMes is also ideally suited as a hand-held measurement device and can be used both for quality control during the manufacture of sheet metal parts as well as for incoming goods inspections. A specially designed function enables continuous measurement along the entire workpiece.

    Machine measurement

    Automatic angle inspections directly at the machine

    The KeMes angle measurement device is ideally suited for automatic measurement directly at the press brake. By means of integrated magnets, it can be easily attached to the upper tool. Without any intervention in the machine control, KeMes can be used immediately for angle inspections, as the measurement is started by the integrated sensors.

    Manual measurement

    Manual quality control

    Not only does the KeMes laser protractor simplify angle inspection directly at the press brake but also the manual quality control of sheet metal angles. Unlike conventional hand-held measurement devices, the measurement blade does not need to be aligned to the workpiece, thereby resulting in considerable time savings. In addition, the supplied measurement aid enables speedy, precise positioning – alignment errors are excluded. Thus, the device is easy to operate, even for inexperienced users. Thanks to the ingenious measurement method as well as the one-button operation, KeMes can also be used to ascertain angles at hard to reach places.

    Continuous measurement

    Continuous measurement along the entire bending edge

    This function can be used in both manual as well as machine mode and enables a permanent measurement process. The angle can thereby be quickly and easily checked along the entire workpiece, an advantage for longer sheet metal parts in particular.






    Messen ohne Zeitverlust



    Messen direkt an der Maschine



    mittels innovativer Lasertechnologie

    Einfach schneller mit KeMes

    und das nicht nur an der Maschine

    Manuelle Qualitätskontrolle

    Neben der Verwendung an der Abkantpresse eignet sich KeMes auch ideal als Handmessgerät und kann zur Qualitätskontrolle bei der Herstellung von Blechteilen ebenso genutzt werden wie zur Wareneingangskontrolle. Dank des patentierten Lasermessverfahrens kommt es zu keiner Beeinträchtigung der Werkstücke.

    ... ganz einfach auch bei langen Teilen

    Selbst große und sperrige Blechteile lassen sich mit dem digitalen Winkelmesser von KEBA schnell und einfach kontrollieren. Eine eigens dafür konzipierte Funktion erlaubt eine kontinuierliche Messung entlang des gesamten Werkstücks. Sie ist sowohl im manuellen als auch im Maschinenmodus verwendbar.

    Your advantages at a glance

    Time savings

    When used directly on the press brake, the KeMes angle measurement device automatically determines the angular result. Time no longer needs to be spent on manual spot checks.

    Avoid reject

    KeMes enables complete quality control directly in the running production process. It is possible to immediately respond to any angle deviations.

    Suitable for all machines

    The patented angle measurement solution works for different machine types and manufacturers and can be retrofitted to existing press brakes at any time without intervening in the machine control.

    Flexible use

    Whether directly on the press brake, for manual spot checks or incoming goods inspection – the digital protractor KeMes is very versatile.

    Quality data recording

    KeMes supports the recording of the measurement values, which can then be used to analyze the production process.

    Transfer of angle values

    Equipped with a Bluetooth interface, the KeMes variants A200 and A205 allow the automatic transfer and processing of angle values. However, this requires an integration of the device by the machine manufacturer.

    Our solutions

    We have the right solution for every requirement: The KeMes protractor is available both as a manufacturer-independent 'stand-alone' variant and as a variant that can be integrated into the machine control system

    Solutions for sheet metal processing companies

    Two workers in machine hall bending sheet metal at press brake

    Thanks to its innovative measuring technology, the KeMes protractor (variants KeMes A100 and A105) is suitable both for automatic angle control directly at the press brake and for use as a purely manual measurement device.

    Your advantages

    • Manufacturer independent device
    • Measure without losing time thanks to innovative laser technology
    • Can be used on almost any press brake
    • Stable series process due to continuous quality control
    • Put into operation with only one keystroke

    Solutions for machine manufacturers

    Worker bending sheet metal parts at the press brake. He uses the KEBA protractor attached to the upper tool.

    Equipped with a bluetooth® interface, the angle measurement device (variants KeMes A200 and A205) can be integrated into the existing machine control.

    Your advantages:

    • Easy integration in the existing machine system
    • Data transfer via Bluetooth®
    • Automatic processing of angle values in the bending process
    • Precise laser-based measurement of the interior angle
    • Flexible use
    • Easy-to-use and attractively priced
    • Simultaneous use of up to 3 devices

    Service & Support

    In the event of failure or technical problems, you can find help and tips as well as further information on the exact function of the protractor in the user manual in the download area or in our FAQs.

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