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    KePlus R-Line

    Reliable cash recycling technology paired with state-of-the-art design



    cash recycling module



    user interface

    More functions

    More functions

    on a smaller footprint

    KePlus R-Line cash-recyclers combine reliable technology with modern design.

    The KePlus R-Line at a glance

    The KePlus R-Line from the evo series is the evo basic line consisting of four cash recycling system variants for a wide range of applications.

    Their shared features include the high-availability cash recycling module, which allows the recycling of four banknote denominations, state-of-the-art design, barrier-free and intuitive usability, and a compact footprint with an intelligent energy-saving concept.

    KePlus RT10

    Reliable cash recycler for outdoor use

    KePlus R10

    Reliable cash recycler for indoor use

    KePlus RX10

    The multifunctional cash recycler with coin deposit function ex works

    KePlus RT10

    The reliable cash recycler with wheelchair accessibility for indoor use

    The right solution for every requirement

    Products of the

    Attractive customer point of contact

    State-of-the-art cash recycling and intuitive operation thanks to the high-availability cash recycling module with illuminated money slot. With intelligent features like optimized note transport routes and standby mode, the evo systems of the KePlus R-Line set new standards for the energy efficiency and automation of your banking services.

    Through the ultra-compact design, more functions are integrated into the smallest footprint. For the first time, the optional coin dispenser is included in the base unit, with a total width of only 60 cm.

    SmartSurface, evo’s intuitive user interface and the most important self-service interaction point for your customers, makes intuitive operation possible for all user groups. This innovative user interface made of vandal-proof glass with multitouch display allows tablet-like operation that guides your customers through the transaction with large-area action lighting.

    A wide range of applications

    KePlus R10

    is evo’s reliable cash recycling ATM for indoors and can be installed either freestanding or wall mounting.

    KePlus RX10

    includes, in addition to the functions in the base device ex works, a compact coin deposit module with coin testing in accordance with Article 6 of Council Regulation (EC) No. 1338/2001 or Section 36 of the Bundesbank Act (BbankG). With a compact total device width of only 89 cm, up to 80 kg of coins can be deposited as standard.

    KePlus RT10 for indoors

    allows a wheelchair or rollator to roll under, which improves user comfort, privacy and improved visibility from a seated position. These three base device variants are designed with a total width of 60 cm.

    KePlus RT10 for outdoors

    can withstand any weather thanks to its ingenious mechanical construction, optional heater and sealing concept. A high brightness display enables perfect visibility at all times, even with direct sunlight.


    • High-availability, innovative cash recycling module
    • SmartSurface user interface with light-supported user guidance
    • Intelligent energy-saving concept
    • Use indoors and outdoors, or as roll-under variants
    • Compact footprints for all system variants
    • Service assistant KePlus MAX: Maintenance application with extensive assistant and service functions
    • KePlus RX10: all cash transactions in one compact system

    Product comparison table

    KePlus R10KePlus RT10KePlus RX10KePlus F10KePlus FT10KePlus FX10
    15" Multi-Touch Display
    19" Multi-Touch Display
    Up to 4 denominations can be recycled
    Up to 8 denominations can be recycled
    Dual recycling cassettes (optional)
    Coin withdrawal
    Wing retrofitting ex-works
    Coin deposit retrofitting ex-works
    Complete integration into branch architecture
    Suitable for outdoors


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