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  • Various encoder types

    Adaptable to customer needs

    1 cable solution

    Compact and high-performance

    KeDrive DMS2

    Synchronous servo motors


High-performance servo motors for servo applications

The KEBA servo motors of the DMS2 series fulfill the highest demands on accuracy and motor smoothness and are characterized by a wide performance spectrum and rpm range. Depending on the application case, the motors can be adapted specially to the respective requirements thanks to a wide variety of options.

The moments of inertia are specially attuned to robotics and motion applications and enable optimum control behavior, especially for interlinked axes. The electronic rating plate with parameter memory guarantees problem-free commissioning of the drive system.

Highest Reliability



High overload capability


overload capability

Low torque ripple


torque ripple

single cable solution

One cable

for power and encoder signal

Suitable for nearly any servo application

The synchronous servo motors of the KeDrive DMS2 series are suitable for nearly any servo application in automation and stand out due to their compact size and adaptability.

Compact size

The fine adjustment of torque and rotational speed to 7 flange sizes enables optimal motor dimensioning for any application case. The high torque density with maximum speeds of up to 345 Nm makes the motors compact and dynamic.

**Various encoder types **

Depending on the requirements on accuracy and safety technology, analog encoders and digital safety encoders are available. The digital encoders are available both as single and as multi-turn versions. Safe high-performance applications can be realized with only one cable with the high-resolution Hiperface DSL encoders.


Preferred types

A series of preferred types is available to enable particularly short delivery times. Preferred types are selected motor types with specially coordinated options.

Detailed information on our preferred type can be found in our KeDrive DMS2 product catalog.

KeDrive DMS2 Catalog

Overview of KeDrive DMS2 motors

Flange sizePN [W]nN [rpm]M0 [Nm]Mmax [Nm]
58153.9 - 7293000 - 60000.5 - 1.252.0 - 5.0
70172.8 - 12553000 - 60000.6 - 2.42.1 - 8.5
91400 - 14003000 - 60001.35 - 4.55.0 - 18
1001100 - 38003000 - 60004.0 - 10.012.0 - 30.0
142900 - 75002000 - 45004.5 - 32.013.8 - 124.2
1903800 - 138002000 - 300020.0 - 80.075.0 - 396
2405600 - 210001500 - 300042.0 - 120.0120 - 345

PN Rated output
nN Rated speed
M0 Stall torque
Mmax Maximum torque

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KeControl FlexCore

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