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    Precision laser control

    All-in-one I/O module for laser processing

    CNC module for precise and fast laser processing

    Controlling the laser beam source, controlling the distance of the cutting head with built-in optical focusing, as well as the reliable protection of the cutting nozzle are crucial for the highest quality and productivity of your machine.

    These requirements are met through functions controlled directly from the CNC kernel as well as synchronized and instantaneous signal processing. The laser control module built into our CNC automation package implements these requirements precisely and comprehensively. Even special periphery modules such as galvanometric scan heads can be controlled without any additional hardware or costs.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Consistent cutting quality regardless of processing speed
    • Highest precision thanks to position-synchronous laser pulses with 20 ns resolution and repeatability (+/- 20 nm at 1 m/s)
    • Speed-independent beam intensity through closed-loop laser power control
    • Protection of the optical focusing unit through dynamic distance control of the cutting head
    Shows a laser-punched plate and several clockwork gears produced with laser micro-processing.

    Flexible and fast solutions

    The CNC laser module contains all necessary interfaces for controlling and evaluating the laser periphery. The comprehensive system integration ensures an easy, error-free installation and thus the quick commissioning of the machine. In addition, integration into the system-internal voltage supply provides for controlled behavior in the event of a grid loss.
    A direct high-speed communication interface connects the CNC to the laser module. This ensures signal processing practically without delay.

    Shows the ServoOne servocontroller, size 1, with four legends for the image.

    Hardware overview

    All-in-one laser module

    • Controlling up to 4 laser sources
    • NDC distance control for up to 4 processing heads
    • PWM pulse generation with variable frequency and variable pulse-duty factor
    • Controlling up to 4 galvanometric scan heads with SL2-100 protocol
    • High-speed communication interface with the CNC kernel
    • Synchronization with the automation system, configuration and diagnostics via EtherCAT
    Shows a system illustration for laser and distance control with controller, laser source, beam, cutting head, workpiece and NDC signal converter.

    Laser and distance control

    Flexible I/Os for laser source control and distance control

    • CNC kernel-integrated function package for configuring and controlling the laser beam source
    • Laser pulse signal and gate signal optionally via TTL or 24 V outputs
    • Power control with scalable 0-10 V analog output (12-bit)
    • Scalable 0-10 V analog input (12-bit) for evaluation of distance sensors (NDC signal converter)
    Shows a system illustration of galvanometric scan heads with controller and galvanometric scan head.

    Galvanometric scan heads

    Controlling the scan heads

    SL2-100 transmission protocol

    • Target position output with 10 µs sampling time at 20-bit position resolution
    • Transmission of actual position values to the CNC
    • Diagnostics of the scanner system

    Flexible I/O for laser source control

    • Laser pulse signal and gate signal optionally via TTL or 24 V outputs
    • Power control with scalable 0-10 V analog output (12-bit)


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