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  • EtherCAT

    Encoder interface

    Power supply safety I/Os

    Protection class IP54

    KeDrive D3-SMM

    Safety encoder box


Decentral encoder evaluation

The certified encoder box decentrally reads in encoder signals as well as additional safe inputs and outputs and transmits them to the control via a cable. The inputs enable the connection of safe buttons, switches or other operating elements directly at the machine or close to the robot. All outputs are used for safe control of the motor brakes or can be freely assigned to other tasks.

To ensure that the brakes are released safely (even without control cabinet), e.g. to prepare robots for transport, safety functions are implemented directly in the encoder box.

Safely-Limited Acceleration (SLA) and Safely-Limited Speed (SLS) are also functions in the encoder box which enable even faster reaction times.

The encoder box is connected via the EtherCAT system bus. The FSoE safety profile enables the safe exchange of actual values and control commands.

Decentral encoder evaluation


encoder evaluation

Cabling reduction


of the cabling

Flexible area of application


area of application

Quick dynamics monitoring


dynamics monitoring

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