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    KeTop AP500

    Multi-touch panel with realtime capability

    Multi-touch panel with realtime capability

    The KeTop AP500 panel line offers robust gesture operation through an industrial multitouch with integrated touchbooster for glove operation. The RealTime Multitouch is able to transmit operator interactions in real-time via EtherCAT or ProfiNet directly to the controller. Many mechanical built-in elements and membrane keys are thus a thing of the past. With the KeTop AP500 line, you can reduce your HMI variants to one panel.

    This gives you full flexibility in the user interface thanks to the matching KeView Style software solution.

    The Intel Atom CPU with 7 Gen Intel HD graphics acceleration makes the KeTop AP500 panel line an optimal platform for visualization tasks. Multitouch, gesture control and graphic effects provide a new user experience in machine operation.

    Real-time control

    Real-time control

    of machines






    of hardware and software



    price/performance ratio

    Picture RealTime Multitouch

    RealTime Multitouch

    Controlling machines in realtime

    Using the unique RealTime Multitouch and corresponding RealTime Widgets, hand movements are reliably and directly translated into machine movements. Thus, the realtime capability of the operating panel is also provided for without expensive mechanical command devices.


    Learn more about the simple operation and innovative design of our KeTop AP500 panel line

    Ein Mann bedient eine Maschine. Der grüne Strahl zeigt uns seine Sichtlinie. Ein Detailbild zeigt einen Kreisausschnitt des KeTop AP500-Bedienfeldes.

    Operate with all of the senses

    Blind operation thanks to haptic feedback
    Haptic printing and the snap-dome effect of the glass surface give the user tactile orientation, even if the user glances away from the operating panel. Reliable operation with full focus on the process is thereby possible.

    Haptic printing
    Printed, haptic elements on the glass surface allow the user to feel his position and provide orientation on the display.

    On the basis of piezo-touch technology, a perceptible pressure point including a “click sound” is generated. The user thereby receives an active, haptic (and acoustic) feedback during interactions.

    Examples of individual designs of the KeTop AP500

    Custom design

    Customizing hardware and software

    Color, logo and extension panels can be adapted to meet customer-specific requirements. The application is easily adapted to the corporate design using a central styling mechanism. The degree of customization knows no limits.

    Image KeView Trend

    As easy to operate as a smartphone

    Rely on proven HMI components for modern user interfaces

    Integrated multitouch gestures, high-performance widgets and various graphical possibilities are just some of the features of the powerful HMI framework.

    The ready-made elements are simply arranged into finished visualization masks using drag & drop and transferred to the panel without needing to program a single line of code.

    Technical data

    KeTop AP512KeTop AP515KeTop AP521
    ResolutionWXGA 1280 x 800WXGA 1366 x 768FullHD 1920 x 1080
    Touch sensorprojected capacitive multitouch, Transmission > 88%projected capacitive multitouch, Transmission > 88%"projected capacitive multitouch, Transmission > 88%"
    glass surfacehigh gloss (optionally with anti-reflective coating)high gloss (optionally with anti-reflective coating)high gloss (optionally with anti-reflective coating)
    BacklightLED (50,000 h)LED (50,000 h)"LED (50,000 h)"
    Brightness400 cd/m²300 cd/m²300
    Viewing angle65°, 80° / 160°170°/160°178°/178°
    Operating elements
    Extension panelsOptional extension panels for emergency stop, USB, …Optional extension panels for emergency stop, USB, …"Optional extension panels for emergency stop, USB, …"
    RealTime widgetsRealTime multitouch with RT widgets (only available in KeTop AP500 Style package)RealTime multitouch with RT widgets (only available in KeTop AP500 Style package)RealTime multitouch with RT widgets (only available in KeTop AP500 Style package)
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