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    DATA-PORTAL Downloads

    Links to the Data Portal

    Download your Data Portal documents here conveniently.

    CAD-Files (Bundle)

    ServoOne junior


    ServoOne Multi Axis System


    ServoOne Single Axis System


    Braking resistors


    Tools and more ...

    Motor Datasets

    Motor Datasets (Bundle) C-Line and ServoOne for LSH, LSN, LSP, LST



    Latest DriveManager 3 Version


    Latest DriveManager 5 Test Version (180days Trial)


    Latest Safety Manager Version for SDC-Option and FSM-1 (Create safety related programs for multi axis controller and FSoE master)


    Latest Version of DriveLoader (Decoupling from the DriveManager)


    Application Notes

    Example Project ServoOne/LeviOne with TIA Portal V15.1 (without Technology Objects)


    Example Project C-Line/ServoOne/LeviOne with SIMATIC STEP7 V5


    EPLAN Macros

    EPLAN Macros from EPLAN Data Portal


    Device description files

    CODESYS iPLC Package (Device Descriptions, Libraries, Online-Help)


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