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    KEBA Smart Industry

    Smart Industry 4.0 Technologies – for the production of the future

    Global networking for your smart factory

    For us here at KEBA, Industry 4.0 (I4.0) is not just a buzzword but a reality that we are experiencing right now. We will show you what possibilities new technologies can open up for your company and how these trends can be gradually developed to meet future requirements. This can be seen in particular in the user-friendly applications and assistant programs that make up the KEBA Smart Industry portfolio.
    One of the challenges associated with Industry 4.0 is the availability of highly-complex technologies in the form of a simple integration for machine manufacturers and end customers. KEBA produces I4.0 applications for both OEM customers and small and medium-sized end customers. Facilitating the convenient and optimized implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies for everyone is the real art of automation.

    In order to do this, we primarily focus on:

    • the control of machines and industrial equipment
    • the operation of machines and processes
    • the communication and data processing between the different levels of the value chain
    • the development environment for future, digital I4.0 solutions and
    • machine-oriented cloud applications

    KEBA solutions help to make these new Industry 4.0 technologies easy to use.

    Modules of the KEBA software on a laptop

    Open platform architecture with maximum security

    All essential components and technologies are based on the “open platform” architecture of our all-round solution KeControl FlexCore, which has the necessary openness, particularly when it comes to the control and HMI aspects. This gives you the freedom that you need to design an individual Industry 4.0 solution that fits your requirements.

    The communication is based on the latest standards, such as OPC UA, combined with established fieldbus systems, such as EtherCAT.

    Industrie 4.0-Umfeld einer Fabrik mit Cloudanbindung durch die Steuerung

    The cornerstones of Industry 4.0

    Make the most of your partnership with KEBA – work with a leading expert in the integration of Linux-based technologies and other cloud-based assistant systems. Due to increasingly shorter innovation cycles, today’s market requires a varied Industry 4.0 portfolio which can be integrated quickly and easily. At the same time, these systems need to be scalable, secure and highly flexible.

    With the solutions from the KEBA Smart Industry portfolio, you can make all levels of the machines suitable for Industry 4.0. Whether it be Smart Factory, Smart Engineering or Smart Technology – we have the perfect solution for all requirements.

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    KEBA Smart Industry – the smart Industry 4.0 portfolio

    • KEBA Smart Factory:
      Assistant program for increased productivity
    • KEBA Smart Technology:
      Technology libraries and assistants for your machines
    • KEBA Smart Engineering:
      User-friendly engineering and tools for quick machine configurations for OEMs.

    KEBA Smart Industry

    With the increasing need for flexibility and individualization, production processes are becoming more and more complex. KEBA provides innovative automation solutions for Industry 4.0 for the digitization of machines and production.

    KEBA Smart Factory

    KEBA Smart Technology

    KEBA Smart Engineering

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