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    KEBA receives EV Ready mark as first company worldwide



    KEBA is the first manufacturer of charging stations worldwide that has received the EV Ready 1.4B certification of the French approval authority Asefa.


    Quality feature in France

    The EV Ready certification mark is an important quality feature for charging stations in France. It provides answers to the questions of interoperability, security and performance for electrical and hybrid rechargeable vehicle charging stations. The EV Ready certification mark was elaborated by different stakeholders such as automotive manufacturers, installers, utilities and other suppliers under the lead of Renault and Nissan.

    Certification process

    As an applicant for the EV Ready mark, KEBA had to undergo a complex certification process as well as a factory inspection by the approval authority Asefa.

    Part of the "Livre Vert"

    The EV Ready mark is also part of the „Livre Vert“ (also called Greenbook) which is a guidance for EV charging infrastructure published by the French government. It regulates the fulfillment of installation standards and communication norms and the “EV 1.4 Ready” certificate of charging stations.

    EV Ready certificate for KEBA's wallbox

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