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    Austrian Post installs its 100th KEBA pick-up station


    Another page is added to a logistics success story.

    Almost a year ago to the day, Austrian Post decided to expand the facilities provided in its self-service zones with so-called parcel “pick-up stations”. Such a station recently became operational at the 4060 Leonding post office in Upper Austria and represents the one hundredth of the up to 400 automats planned for installation nationwide. Both the station utilization figures and the feedback from customers are already more than satisfactory.

    Austrian Post’s pick-up stations come from KEBA, the parcel automation specialist
    The challenge of the “last mile” with regard to parcel delivery still relates to recipient accessibility. Accordingly, a growing number of postal and logistics organizations are seeking to counteract this problem through a variety of services and solutions. These include new forms of delivery and the extension of delivery times. Moreover, in order to offer easier parcel collection or returns, post offices are increasingly turning to the installation of self-service zones in their branches, or the opening of post shops in supermarkets and shopping centres.
    Austrian Post is no exception and since November 2013, the receipt of parcels, large or registered mail has become a good deal simpler due to so-called “pick-up stations”. These are being supplied by KEBA, the pioneering specialist in the field of parcel automation.

    The creation of an automated solution for the first and last mile represented a milestone in parcel logistics. Furthermore, since the launch of KEBA parcel automats (KePol) in 2000, KEBA has continued to upgrade its product and has thus exerted a corresponding influence upon the postal market.


    KEBA - Automation by innovation.