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    Disinfect self-service systems cost-effectively & efficiently

    1x KEBA ATM, 1x KEBA account service terminal

    The complete set for your KEBA self-service machines

    The current situation has significantly increased people's health and hygiene awareness.

    Consumers avoid touching surfaces or want more frequent cleaning of all surfaces they come into contact with.

    **For these needs, KEBA has put together the Antimicrobial Coating Kit



    to use



    protection for 12 months



    no aggressive chemicals

    Highly effective coating for 12 months

    Long-lasting effect

    The antimicrobial coating guarantees a physical reduction of bacteria, viruses, and yeast fungi. Up to 99.99% of microbes are removed from the treated surfaces.

    The coating retains its effect for up to 12 months and has been tested and confirmed by independent laboratories.

    Easy to use

    After pre-cleaning, BactoAttaQ Spray Phase 1 is applied to the front of the unit. Streaks can be removed with a microfiber cloth. Then apply BactoAttaQ Spray Phase 2 and remove streaks again with a microfiber cloth. The coating with Phase 2 must now cure for six hours. After that the protection against
    Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and yeasts for about one year.

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