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    Self-service exchange solution

    For cross-border commuters

    The high performance of our KEBA currency exchange systems significantly reduces the workload of our branch employees!
    Michael Weber
    Employee Organisation & IT | Volksbank Rhein-Wehra
    Young man in mask inserts bank card into self-service machine

    Exchange of currency between Swiss Franc and Euro

    Volksbank Rhein-Wehra eG with its head branch in Bad Säckingen is located directly on the German-Swiss border. It, therefore, is the first port of call for foreign exchange transactions - especially for those who live in Germany but work in Switzerland: so-called cross-border commuters. Customers can deposit Swiss Francs in cash at KePlus F10 and quickly receive Euro banknotes in return.

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    "We started looking for an alternative for the existing machine park at an early stage and became aware of the evo series during discussions with KEBA," explains Michael Weber, an employee in the organization and IT department at the southern German institute.

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    Individual implementation in hardware and software

    The evo series as basis
    The requirements of the Volksbank Rhein-Wehra eG, which operates the currency exchange ATM as an isolated IT solution - separated from the data center - are already met by the evo systems as standard. The withdrawal of Eurocent coins, the use of a dual recycling cassette, and two deposit cassettes form the hardware basis for the business case. In contrast to other ATMs, there is no pin pad. Although depositors must identify themselves by bank card, no further cross-checking takes place for the cash-only transaction.

    Individual software architecture
    The software architecture and customer application for this isolated application have been developed together with the German partner LM Software GmbH. Because it is an individual stand-alone solution, the entire software environment could be adapted to the wishes of Volksbank Rhein-Wehra eG. "For us, for example, the exchange rate adjustment according to the dual control principle was a must-have. The rates often change several times a day and are then converted centrally for all exchange ATMs. This is also a great relief: previously, changed rates had to be set manually for each device," Mr. Weber reports.

    KEBA Cash Recycler seamlessly integrated for exchanging money between Swiss francs and euros

    Holistic migration to self-service

    For branch employees, too, the new machines mean a reduction in the workload associated with changing money at the counter. Thanks to the significantly accelerated transactions and improved usability, almost 100% of the exchange transactions are now processed in the self-service zone. Only large amounts are still exchanged at the counter.

    "Especially at the end of the month, KEBA machines are running at full speed around the clock. We are pleased that they run at high performance and relieve our branch staff," Michael Weber is pleased. "We will also definitely consider the evo series for classic cash recycling transactions."

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