KEBA ranks among Europe's leading wallbox manufacturers

Over 250,000 wallboxes sold

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With over 250,000 wallboxes sold, KEBA is establishing itself as one of the largest manufacturers of charging solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles. In its Energy Automation division, the Austrian automation expert KEBA AG specialises in charging stations for electric mobility and heating controls for heat pumps and biomass heating systems.

KEBA is not only an established player in the manufacture of innovative and sustainable charging solutions. The Linz-based company has been successfully operating in this sector for more than 10 years and has thus played a pioneering role in the field of charging infrastructure for hybrid and electric vehicles.

What is particularly remarkable about the company is its in-house electronics development and production. This vertical integration ensures the highest level of quality, maximum safety and reliability. With a clear focus on sustainability, the components for the charging stations are also sourced regionally as far as possible, which has a positive effect on CO2 emissions.

"With the manufacture of intelligent and sustainable charging solutions, KEBA is the Austrian expert in a thriving industry"
Christoph Knogler
CEO KEBA Energy Automation

Over 250,000 wallboxes - from Austria to the whole world

The number of charging stations manufactured to date is proof of just how well KEBA's electric mobility division has developed since then: At the beginning of 2021, the significant mark of 250,000 wallboxes was surpassed. This makes KEBA one of the leading wallbox manufacturers in Europe. The wall boxes are manufactured in Linz / Austria.

The demand for charging solutions manufactured in Linz is ever increasing, as more and more people are opting for an electric car. According to the ACEA report, for example, around 300% more hybrid or e-cars were registered in Europe in 2020 than in the previous year. This trend will continue in 2021. So the outlook is good for the Upper Austrian manufacturer of innovative and equally sustainable wallboxes.

About KEBA Electric Mobility

KEBA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of intelligent charging stations. The Austrian automation expert was founded in 1968 and entered the field of electric mobility 10 years ago, making it a wallbox pioneer. With the KeContact P30, electric cars can be charged safely and reliably. Thanks to a variety of interfaces, networking is also possible, making the wallbox a highly intelligent communication and control center. It can thus be easily integrated into smart homes and management systems and coupled with photovoltaic systems.

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Press release
KeContact P30 with cable

The KeContact P30 is available in different variants and can be used for charging all hybrid and electric cars.

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